Springs A Coming!

You have probably heard about all the flooding in England right now, and where I am it seems to be raining every day. Recently though we have been having a few nice days at a time, so much so that I have actually been noticing the odd daffodil popping up, and my spider plant has started to grow babies.
Spring is most definitely coming!

So since I’ve been getting into the spring mood I thought I’d paint my nails to match. I used a base of pastel orange, I then used cocktails sticks to make pink petals and a blue center then a clear top coat.


Halloween Nail Art Designs

It’s very close to Halloween so I thought I’d share some spooky Halloween nail designs. They are quick and easy to do which is why I chose these ones. Bear in mind I did this by myself with one hand; I think they turned out pretty well. I would recommend getting a friend to help you if you can but if you have a steady hand it shouldn’t matter. I completed these designs by just using nail varnish and house hold objects I had around the house.

1. I like to start off by putting something protective over the side just in case I spill; newspaper or Clingfilm. And then setting up all the things I will need, ready in front of me.

2. Make sure you start off will smooth clean nails, and then paint my base colour on. I went with a different colour for each nail.

3. Make sure you wait for your base to dry a little then I used cocktail sticks and small old make up brushes to paint your design onto the base colour in black.

4. I then used cocktail sticks again to make details onto the designs, like the eye balls and whiskers etc.

So these are the finished results, Frankenstein’s Monster, Spiders Web, Pumpkin Face, Spider, and Witches Cat.

Have any other cute Halloween nail designs? Share them in the comments!